Quality tree pruning is an art form that maintains the natural shape and characteristics of your specific tree species. Because trees are our passion, we consider it a privilege to help you care for one of the most beautiful and valuable assets on your property. While pruning your trees, our arborists and crews evaluate the aesthetic goals for today as well as the goals for your plants long-term development. We are proud to offer our services to help you maintain healthy trees and to provide necessary solutions to your tree and shrub care needs.

The Art of Pruning is a Science:

Simply removing lower limbs of the tree is very common, and this approach is often seen in commercial settings. The results, however, produce an awkward and unnaturally shaped tree. Repeated removal of lower limbs will lead to significant health stress as the tree matures.

Removal of the inner limbs produces an abnormally stripped tree that looks like an umbrella. This technique is detrimental to the health of the tree, producing one that is structurally weak and susceptible to ice and storm damage.

Moore Tree Care maintains trees beautiful and natural appearance by selectively removing a percentage of the branches within the inner structure to the outer reaches of the canopy. We prune trees appropriately to encourage structural integrity, health, and improve light filtration.

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