Organic Plant Health Care Programs

At Moore Life, we focus on promoting healthy landscapes instead of treating symptoms after plants have started to decline. Our pro-active organic treatment programs place emphasis on the health of your gardens by providing appropriate nutrient requirements, soil health improvement, and insect and disease management.

Moore Life offers several program options based on your personal landscape needs.

  • The Quick Start Option is a great way to improve the quality of your soil for optimum plant health and designed to transition those gardens which have been treated chemically in the past.

  • Our annual 7 Round Program involves a rotating schedule of applications of Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea and Foliar or Granular Alfalfa Based Fertilizer.

  • The Enhanced Tree Program focuses on keeping your trees vigorous and strong with applications of Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea and a Root Zone Injection.

  • If your trees are in decline the Sick Tree Program, which follows Howard Garretts Sick Tree Treatment, will help improve their condition by giving the trees the nutrients to fight stressors, both environmental and cultural.

What to choose?

For those transitioning from chemical to all natural, we recommend the following programs the first year:

  • Quick Start
  • 7 Round
  • Enhanced Tree

For those already treating organically, we recommend the following programs:

  • 7 Round
  • Enhanced Tree

All programs are influenced by weather conditions and seasonal considerations that may vary slightly from year to year. If you have additional questions about our Organic Plant Health Care Programs please call Moore Life at 214-350-6089 or 817-732-6088. You may also reach us by email at