Horticultural Oil

One of the most important insect and disease preventative measures made throughout the year, Horticultural Oil is a highly refined oil applied to the trunks and branches of deciduous trees and foliage of evergreen plant materials. Delivered from a high-pressure spray rig capable of reaching the height of our urban shade trees, it leaves a fine coating of oil on the plant material. This coating acts to suffocate over-wintering insects and pathogens that have taken up residence on plant materials, which prevents high populations of pests from emerging with the warm spring weather.

A valuable control for pests such as spider mites and aphids, this is also the most effective spray application for the control of scale on susceptible plant materials. Vastly easier to prevent than control, scale requires much stronger and more toxic materials to eradicate when established.

Horticultural oil is very safe and non-toxic to pets and humans. It may cause a cloudy effect in pools, but this will dissipate within 24 hours and is harmless to the system. Though efforts are made to minimize drift of the spray onto windows some oil will occasionally cause a light film on the glass. Normal cleaning or rinsing will easily remove any drift that does occur.

Horticultural oil applications are made during a plantís dormant season in December, January, February, and into March, depending on the weather conditions such as minimum and maximum temperatures and favorable wind conditions.

If you have additional questions about Horticultural Oil please call Moore Life at 214-350-6089 or 817-732-6088. You may also reach us by email at trees@mooretree.com.