Howard Garrett’s Sick Tree Treatment

Keeping trees healthy and in stress free environments helps them build immune systems that are able to resist insects, pests and diseases. Most plant sickness is caused by stressful conditions such as too much water, drought, over fertilization, wrong fertilizers, toxic chemical pesticides, soil compaction, grade changes, ill-adapted plant varieties and/or over planting single plant species in one region. To keep your trees vigorous and strong, Moore Life uses the 5 step Howard Garrett’s Sick Tree Treatment:

Step 1: Eliminate Use of High Nitrogen Fertilizers and Chemical Pesticides. Chemical pesticides kill beneficial nematodes, helpful microbes, good insects, and also do a poor job of controlling other pest insects. Synthetic fertilizers feed plants poorly and are unbalanced, high in salt, and often contaminate and imbalance the soil environment.

Step 2: Remove Excess Soil from Root Flares. Most trees have unfortunately been either planted too deeply or had soil grades raised over their root systems. The natural root flare is not visible above the surface of the soil, which causes trunk decay, girdling (or choking) of the roots, limits oxygen availability and many other health problems as the trees mature.

Step 3: Deeply Aerate the Root Zone. To introduce oxygen into the root zone, a tool called an Air Spade is used to aerate the soil starting at the trunk and extending beyond the canopy drip line.

Step 4: Apply Organic Amendments. Organic amendments are natural disease fighters, feeding beneficial microbes, and helping keep soils loose and workable for healthier root systems.

Step 5: Feed Trees and Soil. Once monthly, the ground, trunks, limbs, twigs and foliage of trees should be sprayed with Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea. Compost tea assists in feeding the diverse population of bacteria and fungi in soils which are necessary for healthy plants. Additionally, this environmentally friendly application helps control various weeds, pathogens, and insects which invade gardens throughout the year.

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