Root Zone Fertilization

Root zone fertilization is important for the health of both established and newly planted trees and shrubs. Keeping your trees and shrubs growing vigorously protects against insects and disease, which are much more likely to invade weak and sickly plant materials. Applied subsurface and under high pressure, the fertilization process also provides beneficial soil aeration for our heavy clay soils. This allows oxygen and moisture to directly enter the root zone, improving plant health and vigor. These aeration benefits are especially important during any type of construction in or near root zones.

The primary fertilizer component is an organic nutrient designed to stimulate root growth and overall plant wellbeing. Secondary components consist of macro and micronutrients which promote activity of the living organisms in the soil. These living organisms are essential for the vitality of the soil and increase nutrient availability to the plant root structure.

Though any time of year is beneficial, application is made primarily in the fall. Multiple applications may also be appropriate for vulnerable trees and shrubs. Taking this pro-active approach allows us to be more sensitive to our environment by preventing insect and disease problems instead of treating after damage has occurred.

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