Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea

Compost tea is a highly concentrated microbial liquid produced by extracting beneficial microbes from compost. Our proprietary product is a special blend of high quality, microbial rich compost added to liquid molasses and fish hydrolysis. These additives assist in feeding the diverse population of bacteria and fungi in our soils necessary for healthy plants. Additionally, this environmentally friendly application aids in the control of various weeds, pathogens, and insects which invade our gardens throughout the year.

Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea Features:

  • Custom blended for your property and the season
  • Restores and rebuilds the biology in the soil
  • Provides all the benefits of compost without the bulk
  • Includes humates, folic acids, and micro nutrients
  • Reduces a gardenís overall water requirements
  • Brewed fresh daily with harvested rain water from our facility

If you have additional questions about Moore Life Enhanced Compost Tea please call Moore Life at 214-350-6089 or 817-732-6088. You may also reach us by email at